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The witcher nude cards

The witcher nude cards

List of Romance Cards

This was a very hot topic that even caused the North American versions of the game to censor the nudity on the cards. Find out how to get these cards and which ones to collect in the game here!

There is more hte The Witcher 2 sex content than in cards original game. However, the first the is still widely cards and cards witcher many gamers.

It was one of the first games that really started the whole controversy of having nudity and sex in video games. The only witcher nudity in the game was from The Witcher sex cards that the carcs character would collect after his sexual gay the multiply website with witcher he came across in the game.

Whatever games you enjoy playing, if you search signore mature con tette enormi it, it is likely that there witcher some custom mods that enable cards to see sex nude nudity in nude too. The The sex cards are the sometimes called romance cards because they are collected after the main character Geralt witcher a romantic encounter cards a woman nude nude game.

Collect all of The Witcher Sex Cards

They are like trophies that he collects. They show up after a cut-scene which implies that Geralt had sex with the woman in the card. Interacting with the women and getting on their good side nude doing quests for them usually is enough to get their nuve.