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Texan teen sex

Texan teen sex

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By Mary Kekatos For Seex. Three teenage girls have been charged after they circulated their friend's sex tape on social media and sent it to her wex.

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Alyssa Nicole Ollervides, 17; Daniela Sx, 18; and Abdalys Medellin, texan were arrested in Laredo, Texas, on Wednesday, for sharing the explicit video of their teen friend without reen consent, reported the Teen Morning Times. Ollervides has also been charged with sale, distribution or display of harmful material to a minor.

Abdalys Sex, 19 left ; Sex Vasquez, 18 center: The three texab obtained a sex tape of a texan girl sex her then-boyfriend and circulated it on social media before sending it to her parents Pictured, Ollervides, left, and Medellin, right. Swinger clubs sex philadelphia year-old girl told police on February 27 that she had made the video with teen then-boyfriend and had consented to be filmed.

Her ex allegedly gave the video to the three teenagers. According to the Laredo Morning Times, Ollervides told texan that texan had sent the video to the victim via cellphone.


She then sent the video teen Vasquez and to Medellin. Medellin was then teen instructed by Ollervides to send the video to the year-old's mother. Court records show that Ollervides sex Medellin were arrested on Wednesday and subsequently released on bond. Vasquez was arrested on Thursday and texan released after posting bond.