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Sex ed in the nunnery

Sex ed in the nunnery

A t the time, The Star nunnery the Sea convent seemed to me a very big, forbidding, grey Gothic the with a tarmac yard like a prisoners' exercise yard. Of course when I went back there 17 years later it was just a little place, a sweet, little school.

Germaine Greer on her sex-obsessed school days | World news | The Guardian

I remember all the nuns vividly. There was Sister Raymond who taught me about art. She had big round bosoms and big round hips and she loved art even though she'd never seen any. She had never sex anything. Yet she used to stand there sex to these pictures saying: Oh look, it's really beautiful!

The habit of a lifetime

Well, this is Chartres and this is what it looks like. Then there was Sister Cyril who taught us French and who bianca balti nude ib very frail, and rather sensual and feminine. When men came into the room to do things like mend the window catch she used to practically writhe nunnery into conniptions. We decided she was a pretty sad case.

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There was Sister Philip who taught us chemistry and who I remember because I hit her with a softball straight into the front of her coif, which crumpled it and knocked her flat.