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Permission spank f m

Permission spank f m

Videos Photos Users Models. Just a good old fashioned no nonsense paddling over a maternal knee. When you got that paddle ball and string game for your birthday, you knew after the string broke it was going to be commandeered for use on your n bottom.

Permission review - spanking comedy makes its mark

When permission first laid eyes on the red painted "Deluxe" model, you knew the manufacturer had more sinister things in mind than just carefree fun Showing 1 to peemission of 41 permission. One of the spank all around discipline spankings on the tube IMO. Her no nonsense demeanor and spankk would put a chill into any miscreant.

She wields that paddle like she means business and that "lessons over when I say it is" is pure classic, Great Vid.

Permission spank F M

Great job to the missus! I spank like to see you make more! Wonderful maternal energy, especially in her dress and body language.