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Nude in dressing room

Nude in dressing room

Well, in this selfie that the star nude stage and screen snapped in her dressing room this week, there's a memento behind her, right While getting ready for a daytime performance of Speed-the-Plowthe play the actress is currently comebacking in on the London stage, Lohan casually shared a topless selfie that was instantly overshadowed by the completely nude portrait of herself hanging on the wall behind her.

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Monroe, looks to be from her December Eressing cover shoot. You nude see the unblurred version on Lohan's page, which she captioned" Another matinee. While not onstage, Lindsay seems to be enjoying dressing room in London, hitting up room stops such as Chiltern Fire House, and taking time out for do-gooding. Before tonight's show, she met with U. Thanks for your support.

Then it was back to work, after which she shared yet another pic room time wearing, or at least partially wearing a sweater, writing" thank you room nude coming to speedtheplow - I never take all of the amazing support for granted. Despite some line-forgetting issues when previews first started, the year-old has garnered mixed but optimistic reviews for her role as an drezsing studio temp busty young teens pics the revival of David Mamet dressing showbiz satire.

The Guardian called her a "minor revelation" and, commenting dressing how happy she looked when she took a curtain call, dressing that "she'd bloody done it.

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Either way, the results are a bit tame. But at least there's a chance to do it all over again the next night. And sometimes nude the afternoon. See the stars who've gotten naked onstage.