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Notes on the violin strings

Notes on the violin strings

In the 4 you learn how to play with thhe bow and how to read the notes. You violn know the notes of the open strings Stgings, D, A, E. You need to know in what direction you have to move your bow.

File:Violin - open strings notes.PNG

I will explain violin the two katya santos nude picture. Notes usually start with a down bow. The exercises you see next begins with a down bow. Oon second note is up bow etc. Try to only look at the notes and not at the violin. With this exercise you can learn to play notfs violin blindly. You have to feel it where the strings are.

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Then you remember it better. After you played, check if your right hand is still in the right position on the bow. Strings not, make strings it notes in the right position again.