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Nelson firestop latex sealant msds

Nelson firestop latex sealant msds

Nelson Firestop latex sealant msds

Your Insulation Specialists - Proudly serving our customers for over 50 years! Unifrax FyreWrap Elite 1. Buffalo, NY Ph: Rochester, NY Ph: It is designed for applications of through firestop penetrations and in construction joints. It is used to seal nelson the spread of fire, smoke, gasses and water.


Ideally suite for medium to large openings filled with or firestop penetrants. Ideally suited for cable try latex, large floor sealant wall openings and telecommunications or power cable systems.

It msds commonly applied to continuous cable runs to prevent the propagation of fire. Firestop Putty inhibits the passage of smoke and flame through penetrations and joints. The pipe choke is designed for penetrations of non-metallic pipes.