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Naked toddler in bath

Naked toddler in bath

At what age is it inappropriate to bathe with your kids? Recently I put this question to a group of bath.

When Should You Stop Bathing With Your Kids?

Gath todsler bathrooms, showers, tubs with our babies and toddlers answering questions and setting boundaries while trying not to impose shame and anxiety onto the situation.

There were a number of body-positive stories goddler moms, grandmothers and daughters showering together. Probably until about 2nd grade? I think it might depend on the child, though, and for how long they seem to want to continue and not feel weird about it. Limbs are limbs, etc.

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Our son has known the anatomically correct terms since he was knee high to a grasshopper. Literally toddler these words at one year of age. But then there are those who have sterner feelings.