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My daughter is lesbian

My daughter is lesbian

Welcome to the latest post in our series in which we answer some daughter daughtsr questions we have been sent. We have had a number of emails from parents of same-sex attracted people, asking whether there is anything particular they should do to support their children. Here I offer some advice and thoughts based on my own experience.

Coming Out as Gay or Lesbian: Common Questions from Parents

Let's start daughtrr the obvious, and daughter most important! Your child may well be nervous about how you will respond, so the most important thing is calmly daughter daughter the next section to thank them for telling you and feeling they could trust and be honest lesbian you.

Reassure them that it doesn't change your daugjter for them or your relationship. If you share the perspective about sexual morality which we have on this milf amateur free video, it's almost certainly unhelpful to plunge straight into lesbian out what you think is the biblical leshian about sex!

What do you do when you find out your child is gay, lesbian or bisexual?

Similarly, even if you think that there's nothing wrong with lesbian sexual relationships, it's probably not the time to tell them to go ahead and find one either. That kind of conversation mmy just not what your child needs at this stage. Yes, parents have a role to teach their children the way of Christ. But the way to do that at this stage is to daubhter them the love of Christ.