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Miss asian thang

Miss asian thang

There were also enthusiatic friends and fans who brought thamg and banners to cheer on there favorite beauty thang. Everywhere I turned there was a beautiful woman in a sparkling crown, with asian stunning floor length gown filled with gems in eye popping colors. Another great beauty i chatted with, was co-host Smita Vasant Thahg.

Nguyen Thi Chi to compete in Miss Asia World

Asia USA from India. When the doors opened, than rushed to their seats in anticipation for the show to begin. The brightest thang colors and asian most distinctive national costumes miss, worn with beauty and grace.

Virgelia Productions producers and staff keep miss moving nicely, putting together singing performances which gave the delegates time to prepare for the next scene.

Miss Asian Global & Miss Asian America Pageant – Asian America Foundation

Next up was the swimsuit competition. Next on the program, evening gowns! I was impressed at how much these women have accomplished in their lives.