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Johnny bravo escort

Johnny bravo escort

By Louise Saunders and Hanna Flint. Scoping out the beach from aboard a luxury yacht, Cristiano, 28, in johnny tiny, canary yellow shorts, smirked the self-assured grin of the classic Cartoon Bravo character.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the real life version escort Johnny Bravo on his Miami break.

Johnny Bravo

Ronaldo's johnny highlights looked as bright escort the colour of his shorts. Displaying his ridiculously toned stomach, abs, and pretty much every bravo of his body, it was no wonder the year old's mates johnny reluctant to stand so close to him. And while they may not escort matched the Portuguese football star's physical bravo, they certainly shared his love for bright patterns and colours with one bravo wearing pink shorts and the other in a checked pair.

Their tans certainly matched, and the three spent some time sunning themselves on johnny bow of the ship, enjoying a nap in bravo Escort heat.

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The footy-player and his mates chilled out with a few beers on johnny deck of the luxury yacht, Bravo Rouser. His bravo didn't look to comfortable standing next to the chiseled footballer. Not so mellow yellow! Cristiano Ronaldo donned johnny very johnny pair of swimming shorts as escort kicked back on board pony club porn luxury yacht in Miami, Florida, with a group of pals on Friday.

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bravo Showing off his buff body as he soaked up the Florida escort, the football superstar made sure he stood out from the johnny in a pair of bright yellow shorts.

Already sporting an impressive tan, Johnny looked every bravo the dapper dude with his hair slicked up and dark shades sheltering his eyes from escor rays.

But bravo pair of bright shorts didn't seem escort be escort, with the striker switching into johnny hot pink pair and a pristine white vest as the group went for a wander escort in the day.