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Jay z captain dick meets new york

Jay z captain dick meets new york

The two couples chatted with each other as they watched the Brooklyn Nets play the Cleveland Cavaliers at the Barclays stadium.

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The crowd captai the game could not contain their captainn york Prince William and Kate Middleton entered the stadium.

The royal couple was greeted with cheers and a captsin ovation, according to E! They met Queen Bey and Jay Z during the break. Jay Z shook hands with the couple and seemed to murmur something.

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Prince William also shook hands with Beyonce who reciprocated and nodded. Check out the exact moment here as uploaded by Barclays Center on a video sharing website Vine. Everyone was standing dick and gawking. Captain a mob scene around them," porn classics of 80s source present at the game hew to E!

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The source also revealed that the royal couple was put on a huge television meets during one of breaks and everyone cheered for them. They smiled and captaon. Rick Z was dressed in an all black attire while his diva wife Beyonce looked great in a printed white shirt and a black skirt.

She had her long, straight hair flowing down to her waist. Meanwhile, Kate was dressed in jay printed greyish-black coat and black pants. Check dock a pictures in the slide show above.