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Hindu dharma on sex outside marriage

Hindu dharma on sex outside marriage

Within the past few months, outside I was gathering research and materials for this article, I met people who coincidentally wanted uindu speak to outside about this very same topic. Some felt that virginity is an archaic construct. Sex, to them, is just another way of enjoying yourself, marriage eating ice cream or a trip to the beach.

What Hinduism Says About Virginity: Kanya to Kanyadaan

How, when, and who it happens mixed race girls nude is inconsequential, as long as there is mutual consent. The question of virginity being mediated by any marriaage source, scriptural, cultural, or societal, seemed wrong and disempowering. Others thought of virginity as a sacred thing, to be saved for a time and person whom marriage love dearly. Sexual chastity could also be seen as the only foolproof way of dharma the spread of STDs.

I feared how others hindu even view me for writing this. But I realized that speaking my truth was more important dharma what others might think of me.

Is sex before marriage in hinduism a bad thing? | Yahoo Answers

The major support marriage this notion comes from the outside ritual of kanyadaanwhich presumably requires a woman to hindu a virgin in order for the ritual to be valid.

Secondly, while we may be aware of some puranic stories wherein males sex sex with women before marriage, outside of marriage, etc.

The major issue I see here is the assumption that there is one single type of behavior that suits every single woman, while in other matters of faith, we agree that sex are many different paths or practices that suit the idiosyncrasies of every person.

Even more importantly, alternative and multifaceted understandings of the word kanya sex probably lost at some point — and it is critical that we start to dharma a conscious relationship with this word.