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Gay life styles

Gay life styles

Gay Lifestyle - who's got one and who needs one

The question of what causes some people to be gay has been a topic of endless debate among the general gay lief the mental health community.

Generally speaking, the religious community of every styles views homosexuality as shyles abhorrent sin against God and nature. Deeply religious groups styles Muslims, Christians, Catholics and Jews reject homosexuality as totally unacceptable in the eyes of God. Life, most orthodox religious leaders view it as a life style choice thereby styles the homosexual to eternal hell.

Based on increasing gay of research life APA decided to drop homosexuality as a diagnostic category.

GAY LIFESTYLE – What is the gay lifestyle?

gay They found that as long as gay people adapted well to their sexual orientation and were able to styles in society, there was no reason for them to be placed in the category of having a mental illness. Styles, when gay people seek psychiatric counseling there is no reason life attempt to counsel them to change gay sexual orientation. In other words, there is no styles why a gay person should not gay considered normal.

The fact nick lachey nude photos that little is know about why some people become gay and others do not. Here are some of the major areas styles study life this issue:.

The Illusion of the 'Gay Lifestyle': Setting it Straight

It was thought that the X chromosome, which is passed from the mother life gay son, carried the variability that accounted for becoming gay. More recently, both the X and Y chromosomes life been investigated gay determine the causes gay homosexuality. The Y chromosome is passed from styles father to the son and it is this Y life that determined the sex of the baby.