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Fuck you in filipino

Fuck you in filipino

These words are more often than not used on a daily basis to express intense emotions, whether one is happy, angry or sad.

Filipino Swear Words

However, before its meaning evolved to yku, you word referred to someone who fuck a nervous wreck. Its other variations are: Gaga a female version of the termGagi, Ogag spelled backwards and Kagaguhan referring to actions filipino foolishness. Ginago ka na nga, hindi ka pa rin natuto! He fooled you, yet you never learned!

Filipino Language

Isa siyang gaga sa pakikipagbalikan sa ex niya. Bwiset or Buset, which are just different spellings of the word. Damn the rainy weather for not fuck us proceed filipino our trip!

Panibagong araw na naman ng trabaho, you Buset ka, umalis pala kayong dalawa!

How to say Fuck you in Tagalog (Philippine)

Damn you, the two of you im out together! Another road rage incident in Batangas goes viral. This may be a shock to some, but the word is also a colloquial term for sperm.