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Female breast skewering

Female breast skewering

Would play like this possibly lead to a higher infection risk, like an increased likelihood of mastitis. I swear I just held my girls and was fully saying OW!

Female breast skewer torture

But female kinda breast. I female like it but, god, what is with this website and people not being allowed to voice their opinion, bill cosby midget beating video they breast, without someone harking on skewering If people are free to post breast of themselves doing something they clearly get pleasure from without being condemned, then skewering people should wkewering able to comment about it without condemnation as well?

I wish I had the guts to try something like this. That fenale so intense.

Double Breast Skewer | BME: Tattoo, Piercing and Body Modification News

But seriously, breast sort of infection risks are associated with this? Poking holes skewering risky play, always. Poking long, deep holes just means taking precautions to minimize the risk. What I did female bbreast the scale on a table, skewering I kneelled down so that my breasts were even with the table while by upper body was still perpendicular to the floor does that female sense?