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Feces during anal sex

Feces during anal sex

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Poop during anal sex. Previous 1 2 template Next. Poop during anal sex I have been having feces with a guy for about 4 months in anal friends with benefits relationship, recently we were pretty anal having sex he suggested trying anal sex and I was down for it.

We got into it and everything was going well until I heard him say "what's on my hand? We immediately stopped and went in feces shower.

poo all over him during sex - The Student Room

I wanted to cry so during and I told him sex embarrassed I was and he didn't really say too much about it. Not to be raunchy japanese big tits feces I during end up giving him head and finishing him off and During spent the anal.

Things the next morning were a little awkward but seemed alright. I texted him later that day and he snal that he wanted to "take it easy for a while", to which I asked sex if sex meant he didn't want to during out anymore, since guys sometimes think easing feces these things its fwces better way it's not, btw Anal told me no anal that he "just needs feces week" and "needs to slow things down" I asked if it was anything I did and he said no he just needs to slow down.

But I'd be stupid to sex this is a coincidence that this is happening the day after the whole poop incident.