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Father and son nude pictures

Father and son nude pictures

Permanent link to this father Skip to comment form. Nude my son was very young preschool age his And let him play in the house in the nude, especially in the summer.

I came home nkde work fzther day fatuer my boy was running around nude and my wife suggested I join him.

Father and son nude pictures

So, I stripped down and my wife sent her naked boys out to the backyard. We had a hot sfw bikinis time running around and kicking a soccer ball around. We also had a pool. So son were able to jump in and cool off and then get out and run around some pictures.

My Mother in law was visiting and she came out with her camera and got some nice candid shots of us. I love being a father and I love being naked.

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Having photos of those days is nudw wonderful memory! I am 25 years old, and am currently single and childless. However, someday I want to raise a family of nudists.