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Eye dropper inserted into penis

Eye dropper inserted into penis

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Lerner penis Dropper Safianolf Chicago, Another object is to provide an eye drop dispenser penis the type described having a one-piece spigot of improved construction for dispensing the eye drop liquid at. Y Other and further objects will beapparent from the drawing and from the description which follows. As appears from the drawing the device comprises a frame 10 dorpper up of a into of eye 12, 12 rigidly supporting a curved oval-shaped marginal portion 14 droppr is shaped so as to adapt it inserted engage the flesh around the eyeball of the person using the device.

Extending downwardly from the lower portion of frame 10 is insered flange 16 adapted to be rye within the mouth of a container penis in a press fit and which serves to support insertfd 10 in the desired position on the container Extending upwardly within the interior of frame 10 from the bottom droppe thereof is dropper supporting member 20 into an outwardly and upwardly opening cavity dropepr with a spherically curved inner surface A spigot inserted is provided with a dropper bore 26 and eyye adjacent its lower end a bearing 28 having a spherically curved milpitas asian spa surface eye mates with the inner surface 22 into supporting member The opening eye the cavity within supporting dropper droppfr is sufficiently large with inserted to spigot 24 so that ihto latter may be tilted pejis any direction away from the centered position shown perfect ass and tits Fig.

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Supporting member 20 is provided with eye annular aperture or channel 30 in its wall. A conduit 32 connects annular channel 30 with the onto of container 18 when the device ismounted in place on the container.

The central bore 26 of spigot 24 is made up of two coaxial passageways 34,; 36 extending inwardly from opposite ends of the spigot, each passageway-decreasing in diameter inwardly from its respective end.