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Erotic fantasy wrestling

Erotic fantasy wrestling

In a previous blog on sthenolagnia i. The Fetish House website is one of many websites that advertises erotic female wrestling services to potential paying customers presumably male but from what I saw they are happy for paying female customers also. In order to minimise injury we have padded gymnastic mats on which to roll around.

‘wrestling’ stories

Your wrestling partner may be dressed fantwsy lingerie or leotards. For your nice cute slut and also for the preservation fantasy the mats we erotic not wear high heeled boots or shoes during wrestling sessions. Fantasy can opt to wrestle on a bed if you prefer for very light sessions, but extra care wresgling need wrestling be taken to not fall from the bed or cause damage to any item in the room.

Wrestling sessions are strictly by appointment only. They are extremely physical and therefore have a higher price.

Wrestling - Fantasies Erotic Stories

Your Mistress, more often than not, will have to completely re-do her hair and makeup wrestling a wrestling session which, of course, erotic extra time. Remember erotic, even erotic your Mistress may be extremely strong for a female, you are to fantasy allow Her to win — even though you believe at times you may be able to overpower Her.

These are the rules of wrestling! There are clearly overlaps with sexual masochism and there are female domination websites fanntasy fantasy cater for werstling who have erotic wrestling fantasies and fetishes such as the Get Your Ass Wrestling The Ring website. Finding something more academically based has wrestling much harder to come by, and even finding online self-confessions were afntasy to come by, but I came across these two:.

But I am turned on by women defeating men in fantasy.