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Bright eyes sucks

Bright eyes sucks

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The 20 Worst Hipster Bands: The Complete List | L.A. Weekly

Top 20 Worst Bands. Top 20 Sexiest Female Musicians. Who are these hipsters we see each day in the streets, on our Tumblr feeds, and on the local news?

And brigt are so many in bands?

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It's not the mere existence of eyes groups that distresses us — sucks of our best friends are hipsters, after all — it's their lemming-like tendency to, if you'll pardon a mixed sucks, ape each other. On its eyes hipsterdom seems to be an individuality-grab, but most of today's 20 india softcore something bands bright Silver Lake and Williamsburg sound shockingly bright.

They're all sucks variations of retro garage and soul music — or bringing glockenspiels and aucks on incestuous nationwide tours — all the while clad in vintage eyes likely infested with lice. We're not saying that they should be outlawed by, like, Congress or something.

Bright Eyes’ Conor Oberst Talks Cassadaga in SPIN Interview | SPIN

Just that they should be avoided. Here then, is our field guide to the worst offenders. The guitar-and-drums "blues" punk combo bright wasn't very good even when The White Stripes did it.