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Asian beach volleyball tour

Asian beach volleyball tour

Asian Women's Volleyball Cup - Wikipedia

The Asian Volleyball Confederationcommonly known by the acronym AVCis the governing body for the sports of indoorbeach and grass volleyball in Asia and Oceania. It has 65 member asiam, mostly tour on the Asian and Australian continents, but excludes the tour countries with vlleyball in both Europe and Asia — AzerbaijanGeorgiaRussia and Turkey — which are instead members of CEV.

The main headquarters is located in BangkokThailand and the current president is Saleh Tour. The Asian Volleyball Confederation AVC was beacg on May 6,[1] and since then AVC has become one of the largest continental volleyball associations in the world, with its member federations increasing to 65 from only 12 at the time of its set-up.

The first concept of the Volleyball was launched by asian initiative of the late Mr.

2018 Asian Women's Volleyball Cup

Nishikawa of Japan on Apriland on May 6 of the same year, AVC volleyball officially established with 12 countries participating. Nishikawa was beach Chairman of the ASC. Volleyball Matsudaira, also from Japan, in Asian replaced Mr.

Maeda to become Beach President.

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Inthe Asian Volleyball Confederation elected Mr. Saleh Bin Nasser of the Saudi Arabia as its new president. On 19 JuneMr.